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The Match Prediction pages show predictions for this weeks football matches, and results for last week. The success rate for the predictions is also shown.

SoccerWinners publishes match predictions for all matches in the top European leagues. Our predictions are computer generated and based on statistical analysis.

Use the links on the left of the Match Predictions pages to see different leagues. You can click on the league/division name (e.g. Premier) or you can click on the flag.

We publish predictions for English, Scottish, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Turkish and Dutch football matches. We also publish Champions League, UEFA Cup, European Cup and World Cup predictions.

Match predictions are shown in a table like the one below:

English Premier PredictionsTipsHome% - Draw% - Away%HcapMoreVotes
7-Nov Bolton Wan Tottenham H 1 1
41% 30% 29%
0.25 +

It may look a bit confusing when you first see it, but really it is very simple. Here is what each of the columns shows:

English Premier Predictions
7-Nov Bolton Wan Tottenham H
This shows the date of the match: 7-Nov, and the two teams Bolton Wan and Tottenham H. The 'Home' team is always shown on the left, so Bolton are at Home, and Tottenham are Away.

1 1
The Tips column shows the predicted score for the match. In this example the predicted score is 1-1.

Home% - Draw% - Away%
41% 30% 29%
The Home%/Draw%/Away% column gives the likelihood of a Home win, Draw and Away Win.

Even in the most one-sided match there is a chance of an upset, and more usually both teams have some chance of winning with the Home team being slighty more likely to win. This is what the Home%/Draw%/Away% percentages attempts to show. The example has a Home% chance of 41% (so in 10 matches you would expect the home team (Bolton) to win 4 times). The chance of a draw is 30% and for an away win is 29%.

The values have been colour coded to make it easier to see which outcome is most likely. The more blue you see, the more likely the result will be a home win. More magenta means a draw is more likely, and more red means an Away win is more likely.

0.25 +
H'cap is the handicap advantage for the Home team. The example shows a handicap of +0.25, meaning that the Home team is expected to score (on average) 0.25 goals per match more than the Away team. This only makes sense in a long series of matches, so for example in 100 matches the Home team would expect to have a total of 25 more goals than the Away team. It can be useful for Asian Handicap betting.

On the far right is a little '+'. This is a link through to the Match Details page, so you can see how the percentages were calculated. (It has been disabled on this page because the match is old and the details are not available)